BeerFes Okinawa 2019 BeerList

As of June 5, 2019 (All Beers are subject to change)


★ indicates "International Beer Cup 2018" Award Winner

● indicates "Japan Great Beer Awards 2019" Award Winner

(※ indicates beers for a limited time)

(Some beers may sell out early.)

Exhibitor(Brand) Location Beer name Beer style
 Nanto Brewery
Okinawa  ●Koelsch 52.Koeln Koelsch
  HoneyAle 15.Honey Beer
  Double UP IPA 94.Imperial India Pale Ale
  Five O'clock Wheat Ale 104.Free-Style Light Ale
 CHATAN HARBOR BREWERY Okinawa   LAGER 37.Other International Lager
  PALE ALE 74.Classic English Pale Ale
 ●IPA 92.American Strong Pale Ale
  STRAWBERRY ALE 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
 - Only on June 9
Okinawa   Karate Black Belt Stout -
  SAN-SHIN PALE ALE 74.Classic English Pale Ale
  RUGER LAGER 44.German Maerzen
 Ukishima Brewing Okinawa   UKISHIMA Pale Ale 91.American Pale Ale
  UKISHIMA Long Summer 60.Classic Saison
 Cliff Beer Okinawa   PECKER'S EXCUSE 69.Belgian Dark Strong Ale
  HAPPY BLUE BOW 71.English Mild Ale
 Ishigakijima Beer Okinawa   Weizen 57.German Wheat Ale
  Marine Beer 41.Muenchner Helles
  Dunkel 45-A.Muenchner Dunkel
  Hi Beer Light -
 Helios Craft Beer Okinawa   Beer of Blue Sky and Sea 57.German Wheat Ale
  Sheequarsar White Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
  Porter of the Starlit Sky 80.Robust Porter
  GOYA DRY 102.Free-Style Light Lager
★ Helios Rum cask age beer 28. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer
★ Helios Whisky cask age beer 28. Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer
  Red Ale 87.Irish Red Ale
※Akita Aqula Beer Akita   Akita Bijin no Beer 37.Other International Lager
  Kawabta Lager 40.Bohemian Pilsener
  Namahage IPA 92.American Strong Pale Ale
★ Kodaimai Amber 13.Specialty Beer
  Yukizakura White Ale -
※Kobushi-hana Beer Saitama ★●Belgian White 59.Belgian Witbier
 ●IPA 76.English India Pale Ale
★ Pilsner 40.Bohemian Pilsener
  Grand cru 67.Belgian Tripel
※YOKOHAMA BEER Kanagawa  ●HEFE WEIZEN 56.South German Hefeweizen
 ●PILSNER 40.Bohemian Pilsener
 Hakone Beer Kanagawa ★●Hakone Pils 41.Muenchner Helles
★●Odawara Ale 78.English Brown Ale
  Pale Ale 91.American Pale Ale
  Ashigara weizen 56.South German Hefeweizen
 Fujizakura Heights Beer Yamanashi ★●PILS 33-B.Unfiltered German Lager
 ●WEIZEN 56.South German Hefeweizen
★●RAUCH 34-C.Bamberg Maerzen Rauchbier
★ SCHWARZ WEIZEN 57-D.South German Dunkel Weizen
  MARZEN 44.German Maerzen
 ●EXTREME PILSNER 37.Other International Lager
 Suwa Roman Beer Nagano  ●Original Ale 90.Golden or Blonde Ale
★●Wheat Ale 1-A.Light American Wheat Beer without Yeast
★●Suwa-Roman Beer Shirakaba
   (Kolsh type)
52.Koeln Koelsch
 ●Suwa-Roman Beer Rindo
   (Alt type)
53.Duesseldolf Altbier
 ●Suwa-Roman Beer KUROYURI 88.Classic Irish Dry Stout
※Gotemba Kogen beer Shizuoka   IPA 17.Session India Pale Ale
  White Ale 9.Herb and Spice Beer
※Morita Kinshachi Beer Aichi   Platinum Ale 19-A.Experimental Beer
 ●Nagoya Akamiso Lager 13.Specialty Beer
※Ise Kadoya Brewery Mie ★●Pale Ale 91.American Pale Ale
 ●Hime White 59.Belgian Witbier
★ NEKO NIHIKI 108.Free-Style High-Alcohol Light Ale
※Minoh Beer Osaka ★ MINOH BEER STOUT 88.Classic Irish Dry Stout
  MINOH BEER W-IPA 94.Imperial India Pale Ale