BeerFes Yokohama 2017 (17th and 18th of September) Beer List

*Please see the beer list for 16th of September (Eve of the opening) on this page.

As of September 16, 2017 (All Beers are subject to change)


(Some beers may sell out early.)

Exhibitor(Brand) Location Beer name Beer style
SanktGallen Kanagawa Golden Ale 85.Golden or Blonde Ale
Amber Ale 90.American Amber/Red Ale
Brown Porter 74.Brown Porter
Shonan Gold 3.Fruit Beer
Pineapple Ale 3.Fruit Beer
YOKOHAMA XPA 87.American Strong Pale Ale
Sweet Vanilla Stout 9.Herb and Spice Beer
Yokohama Beer Kanagawa Pilsener 36.Bohemian Pilsener
Hefeweizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Yokohama Lager 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Koelsch Style 49.German Koelsch
Seya Wheat Ale 2-A.Light American Wheat Beer with Yeast
Yokohama Noge Beer -Golden Ale- 85.Golden or Blonde Ale
Dark Lager 42.German Schwarzbier
Brimmer Brewing Kanagawa Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Porter 74.Brown Porter
Summer Ale 85.Golden or Blonde Ale
TDM1874 BREWERY Kanagawa Leitungswasser Koelsch 49.German Koelsch
BBB(British Best Bitter) 68-B.Special Bitter or Best Bitter
Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
YokohamaKanazawaBrewery Kanagawa Yokohama Harukaze Ale 48-B.International Pale Ale
Koshiba lemon no Honey Ale 3.Fruit Beer
Yokohama Sea Side IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
SUZAN DARK 100.Free-Style Dark Ale
ATSUGI BEER Kanagawa Toripel 62.Belgian Tripel
Pineapple Life 3.Fruit Beer
Mugizen 65-D.Other Belgian Ale
Framboise 5.Belgian Fruit Beer
Shonan Beer Kanagawa Pilsner 36.Bohemian Pilsener
Lemon Grasshopper 9.Herb and Spice Beer
IPA American Style 88.American India Pale Ale
Ashigara Happy Malt Kanagawa UME BIA 3.Fruit Beer
Odawara Suzuhiro
 Hakone beer
Kanagawa Hakone pils 37.Muenchner Helles
Odawara ale 73.English Brown Ale
Ashigara weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Koyurugi brown 74.Brown Porter
Valencia orange 99.Free-Style Light Ale
Ashigaracha jitate 99.Free-Style Light Ale
Takikawa Craft Beer Factory
 Sorachi Beer
Hokkaido Sorachi pilsener 35.German Pilsener
Sorachi ale 87.American Strong Pale Ale
Sorachi weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Hokkaido Beer Pirkawakka Hokkaido Pilsner 35.German Pilsener
OIRASE Brewery Aomori Oirase Beer Pilsner 36.Bohemian Pilsener
AQULA BREWERY AKITA Akita AKITA-Bijin BEER 33-B.Other International Lager
AKITA Ginjo BEER 18-B.Ginjo Beer or Sake-Yeast Beer
NAMAHAGE IPA 87.American Strong Pale Ale
TazawakoBeer Akita ALT 50.German Altbier
PILSNER 38-A.Dortmunder/European Export
Inawashiro Beer Fukushima Pilsner 35.German Pilsener
Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Brown Weizen 53-C.South German Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen
HitachinoNestBeer Ibaraki White Ale 9.Herb and Spice Beer
DaiDai Ale 88.American India Pale Ale
Nippnia 103.Free-Style High-Alcohol Light Ale
Ushiku Chateau Beer Ibaraki Ushiku White 2-A.Light American Wheat Beer with Yeast
IPA 48-B.International Pale Ale
Imperial Pilsner 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Cranberry Lager 3.Fruit Beer
Paradise Beer Factory Ibaraki 5daughters 55.Belgian Witbier
GOA 88.American India Pale Ale
DAKHLA 66-B.English Dark Mild Ale
Buazizi 16.Session India Pale Ale
Akagi Kronenberg
 Akagi sanroku Beer
Gunma Pilsner 30-B.Unfiltered German Lager
Bock 43-A.Traditional German Bock
Maibock-Hell 43-B.German Heller Bock/Maibock
Kobushi-hana Beer Saitama IPA 71.English India Pale Ale
Kuro no Ikoi 11.Coffee Beer
Belgian White 55.Belgian Witbier
Grand cru 62.Belgian Tripel
Tokorozawa beer Saitama Pharaoh 31-F.Smoke Porters
IKSPIARI HARVESTMOON Chiba Pilsner 35.German Pilsener
Schwarz 42.German Schwarzbier
Barley Wine 81-B.British Barley Wine Ale
BREWIN'BAR GINZA BREWERY Tokyo THE ORIGIN English Bitter 69.Classic English Pale Ale
Traditional IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
Citrus Honey 14.Honey Beer
T.Y.Harbor Brewery Tokyo India Pale Ale 88.American India Pale Ale
Imperial Stout 79.British Imperial Stout
Amber Ale 73.English Brown Ale
Fujizakura Heights Beer Yamanashi PILS 35.German Pilsener
WEIZEN 52.South German Hefeweizen
Rauch 31-C.Bamberg Maerzen Rauchbier
SCHWALZWEIZEN 53-D.South German Dunkel Weizen
Yatsugatake Brewery
Yamanashi Touchdown Beer Kiyosato Lager 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Touchdown Beer Dunkel 41.European Dark/Muenchner Dunkel
Touchdown Beer Rock Bok 44-A.German Doppelbock
Suwa roman beer Nagano Shirakaba (kolsh type) 49.German Koelsch
Rindou(Alt type) 50.German Altbier
"ARUKUMA" designed can 86.American Pale Ale
Wheat Ale 1-A.Light American Wheat Beer without Yeast
YO-HO Brewing Nagano New Yona Yona Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Karuizawa Kogen Beer
 Session Wheat IPA
16.Session India Pale Ale
Karuizawa Kogen Beer
 English Brown Ale
73.English Brown Ale
Myoko Kogen Beer Niigata PILSNER 30-B.Unfiltered German Lager
DARK LAGER 30-B.Unfiltered German Lager
WEIZEN 52.South German Hefeweizen
ORIENTAL BREWING Ishikawa Kanazawa Blanca 2-A.Light American Wheat Beer with Yeast
Yuwaku Yuzu Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
Kaga-tea Stout 100.Free-Style Dark Ale
NIHONKAI CLUB Okunoto Beer Ishikawa PILSNER 36.Bohemian Pilsener
Okunoto Legend 46-A.American Amber Lager
IBA 104.Free-Style High-Alcohol Dark Ale
Summer Beer 3.Fruit Beer
Echizen Fukui Roman Beer Fukui Pilsner 30-B.Unfiltered German Lager
Six-Row Barley Golden Ale 99.Free-Style Light Ale
Koshihikari Rice Ale 99.Free-Style Light Ale
Morita Kinshachi Beer Aichi Kinshachi Session IPA 16.Session India Pale Ale
Nagoya Akamiso Lager 18-A.Experimental Beer
MITSUBOSHI BEER Pilsner 36.Bohemian Pilsener
MITSUBOSHI BEER Vienna 39.Vienna Lager
Fire Valley Brewery Mie Hinotani Lagger 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Ninja Beer 98.Free-Style Dark Lager
Porter 75.Robust Porter
Session IPL 97.Free-Style Light Lager
MINOH BEER Osaka MINOH BEER W-IPA 89.Imperial India Pale Ale
MINOH BEER Barrel Aged Imperial Stout -
MINOH BEER Peach Weizen 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
KUNINOCHO BEER Osaka Citrus White 5.Belgian Fruit Beer
MARCA Osaka SAISON Nelson Sauvin 22-A.Pale American-Belgo Ale
White IPA 22-A.Pale American-Belgo Ale
COFFEE AMBER 11.Coffee Beer
BLACK IPA 94.American Black Ale
Hyoho Izushi Beer Hyogo Koelsch 12.Specialty Beer
Rare Blueberry 3.Fruit Beer
Session IPL Callista 101.Free-Style High-Alcohol Light Lager
Session IPL Mistral 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Re:Weizen 9.Herb and Spice Beer
Session IPL 97.Free-Style Light Lager
AWAJIBEER Hyogo AWAJI RICE BEER 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Red ale 90.American Amber/Red Ale
DAISEN G BEER Tottori WEIZEN 52.South German Hefeweizen
YAGOU 103.Free-Style High-Alcohol Light Ale
DAISEN GOLD BLACK 99.Free-Style Light Ale
Yamaguchi Ji-Beer Yamaguchi IPA 71.English India Pale Ale
Hagi Summer Orange Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Awabeer Tokushima Awa Beer Sudachi Honey 14.Honey Beer
Awa Beer Awa White 55.Belgian Witbier
Awa Beer YATTOSA-IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
Hideji-Beer Brewery Miyazaki TAIYO NO LAGER 30-B.Unfiltered German Lager
UNKAI SHUZO BREWERY AYA Miyazaki Kolsch 49.German Koelsch
Alt 50.German Altbier
Black 100.Free-Style Dark Ale
Strong Ale 10 104.Free-Style High-Alcohol Dark Ale
Blueberry 3.Fruit Beer
KIRISHIMA BEER Miyazaki AMBER 46-A.American Amber Lager
Hyuganatsu 3.Fruit Beer
STOUT 83.Classic Irish Dry Stout
Okinawa ALT 50.German Altbier
IPA 16.Session India Pale Ale
SAISON 56.French & Belgian Saison
DOUBLE UP-IPA 89.Imperial India Pale Ale
HELIOS CRAFT BEER Okinawa Mango Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
NIPPON BEER Weihenstephan Germany Hefe Weiss 52.South German Hefeweizen
Vitus 54.South German Weizenbock
NIPPON BEER Kronenbourg France Blanc 55.Belgian Witbier
Stallhagen brewery Finland Dark Honey 14.Honey Beer
IPA Original 71.English India Pale Ale
Pale Ale 58-A.Belgian Pale Ale
Chimay Belgium Gold Draught 65-A.Other Belgian Abbey Ale
Anchor USA Liberty Ale Draught 86.American Pale Ale
Wa - noirodori Kyoto Wa Akane Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Wa - Kasumi White Ale 65-D.Other Belgian Ale
KAWABA Gunma SNOW WEIZEN 2-A.Light American Wheat Beer with Yeast
SUNRISE ALE 73.English Brown Ale
Palestine TAYBEH BEER Palestine GOLDEN 35.German Pilsener
DARK 42.German Schwarzbier
AMBER 40.German Maerzen
BALLAST POINT USA Sculpin IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
Grunion Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Big Eye IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
 Hermitage Brewing Company
USA Ale of the Two Tun 96.American Imperial Stout
SINGLE HOP CITRA IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
SINGLE HOP MOSAIC IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
KONA Brewing Company USA Hanalei Island IPA 3.Fruit Beer
Big Wave Golden Ale 85.Golden or Blonde Ale
Longboard Island Lager 37.Muenchner Helles
Honolulu Beerworks USA Hop Island IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
CocoWeizen 7.Field Beer
Holgate Brewhouse Australia MT MACEDON PALE ALE 48-A.Australian Pale Ale
ALPHA CRUCIS XPA 48-A.Australian Pale Ale
ROAD TRIP IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
NORTON LAGER 17-A.Other Strong Ale or Lager
HOP TART 59-D.Other Belgian Sour Ale
Craft Ale Star alc. 12% South East Asia Craft Ale Star alc. 12% 81-B.British Barley Wine Ale
Boxing Cat Brewery China Contender Extra Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Ringside Red 46-A.American Amber Lager
TKO India Pale Ale 88.American India Pale Ale
Right Hook Helles 37.Muenchner Helles
Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Minor Snow 54.South German Weizenbock
Start of Winter 61-A.Belgian Dubbel
Grain Rain 58-A.Belgian Pale Ale