BeerFes Osaka 2017 (14th of July - Eve of the opening) Beer List

*Please see the beer list for 15th,16th of July on this page.

As of July 14, 2017 (All Beers are subject to change)


★ indicates Asia Beer Cup 2017 Award Winner

(Some beers may sell out early.)

Exhibitor(Brand) Location Beer name Beer style
Inawashiro Beer Fukushima  WEIZEN 52.South German Hefeweizen
 GOLDEN ANGEL 39.Vienna Lager
 BROWN WEIZEN 53-C.South German Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen
 RAUCH 31-C.Bamberg Maerzen Rauchbier
 PILSNER 35.German Pilsener
Hakone Beer Kanagawa ★Hakone pils 37.Muenchner Helles
★Odawara ale 73.English Brown Ale
★Harumeki pale ale 48-B.International Pale Ale
 Ashigara weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
★Odawara lemon 3.Fruit Beer
 Chokotto ichigo 3.Fruit Beer
Fujizakura Heights Beer Yamanashi  Pils 35.German Pilsener
★Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
★Rauch 31-C.Bamberg Maerzen Rauchbier
★Schwarz Weizen 53-D.South German Dunkel Weizen
 Munich Lager -
 Summer Weizen -
Yatsugatake Brewery TOUCHDOWN Yamanashi  Kiyosato Lager 97.Free-Style Light Lager
 Shirakaba Beet -
 Dunkel 41.European Dark/Muenchner Dunkel
Suwaroman Beer Nagano  Shirakaba 49.German Koelsch
 Rindou 50.German Altbier
 Arukuma design can 86.American Pale Ale
Morita Kinshachi Beer Aichi  Platinum Ale 18-A.Experimental Beer
 Nagoya Akamiso Lager 12.Specialty Beer
 Imperial Stout 79.British Imperial Stout
 Kinshachi IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
Fire Valley Brewery Mie  Ninja Beer 98.Free-Style Dark Lager
 Hinotani Lager 97.Free-Style Light Lager
 Ibuki Red 90.American Amber/Red Ale
 Porter 75.Robust Porter
MINOH BEER Osaka  MINOH BEER STOUT 83.Classic Irish Dry Stout
 MINOH BEER W-IPA 89.Imperial India Pale Ale
 MINOH BLOOM 58-A.Belgian Pale Ale
 OSAKA ALT 50.German Altbier
 OSAKA POTER 74.Brown Porter
Awajibeer Hyogo ★Awajirice pilsner 97.Free-Style Light Lager
 Alt 50.German Altbier
 Simalemon 3.Fruit Beer
Izushi Shiroyama Beer Hyogo  Koelsch 12.Specialty Beer
 Rare Blueberry 3.Fruit Beer
 Re:Weizen 9.Herb and Spice Beer
 Session IPL -
Daisen G Beer Tottori  WEIZEN 52.South German Hefeweizen
 PILSNER 30-B.Unfiltered German Lager
 SESSION BPA 15.Session Beer
 Stout 74.Brown Porter
 Gogin 18-B.Ginjo Beer or Sake-Yeast Beer
MatsueBeerHearn Shimane  Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
 EnmusuBeerStout 100.Free-Style Dark Ale
 IPL 101.Free-Style High-Alcohol Light Lager
MatsueBeerHearn Shimane  Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
 EnmusuBeerStout 100.Free-Style Dark Ale
 Sel et Poivre Taro's H.IPL 101.Free-Style High-Alcohol Light Lager
 Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Crfatheart Brewery Hiroshima  OEIPA 71.English India Pale Ale
 Berliner Weisse from FUKUYAMA 51-A.Berliner Weisse
 3Pints Brownale 73.English Brown Ale
 Castello FUKUYAMA Rose 24-B.Mixed Culture Brett Beer
 SETOUCHI Lemon saison 56.French & Belgian Saison
Yamaguchi Narutaki Kogen Brewery Yamaguchi  Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
 Oshima Mandarin Orange Wheat Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
 Setouchi Lemon Wheat Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
 Nontaguro BlackBean Stout -
 Yamadanishiki Rice Lager -
 Pale Ale 69. Classic English Pale Ale
WALA WANG/Craft Ale Star alc.12% Cambodia  Craft Ale Star alc. 12% 81-B.British Barley Wine Ale
Ballast Point USA  Sculpin IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
 Grunion Pale Ale 86.American Pale Ale
 Big Eye IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
TAYBEH BEER Palestine  GOLDEN 35.German Pilsener
 AMBER 40.German Maerzen
 DARK 42.German Schwarzbier
Chimay Belgium  Chimay Gold 65-A.Other Belgian Abbey Ale
Anchor USA  Anchor Steam 46-B.California Common Beer
WA-noirodori Kyoto  WA-akane 86.American Pale Ale
 WA-kasumi White Ale 65-D.Other Belgian Ale
More beer - approx. 10 brands - will be served.