BeerFes Okinawa 2017 BeerList

As of April 20, 2017 (All Beers are subject to change)


Beers served by staffs of breweries

(Some beers may sell out early.)

Exhibitor(Brand) Location Beer name Beer style
TAYBEH BEER Palestine Golden 85.Golden or Blonde Ale
Dark 93.American Brown Ale
Amber 90. American Amber/Red Ale
Far Yeast KAGUA Tokyo Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Far Yeast Tokyo White 56.French- & Belgian Saison
Far Yeast Blonde Export 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Yamaguchi Narutaki
Kogen Brewery
Yamaguchi Nagato Yuzukichi Ale 3.Fruit Beer
Setouchi Lemon White Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
Stout 83.Classic Irish Dry Stout
Maerzen 40.German Maerzen
German Light Ale 49.German Koelsch
Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Nanto Brewery
Okinawa Alt 50.German Altbier
Black Ale 100.Free-Style Dark Ale
IPA 16.Session India Pale Ale
Mandarina Bavaria Saison 56.French- & Belgian Saison
CHATAN HARBOR BREWERY Okinawa IPA 88.American India Pale Ale
Golden Wheat 2-A.Dark American Wheat Beer w/Yeast
GPA 9.Herb and Spice Beer
KOZA BREWING OKINAWA Okinawa Sanshin Pale Ale -
Shisha Beown Ale -
Karate Black Belt Stout -
Helios Craft Beer Okinawa GOYA DRY 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Beer of Blue Sky and Sea 53.German Wheat Ale
Porter of the Starlit Sky 75.Robust Porter
Pale Ale 69.Classic English Pale Ale
Lager 35.German Pilsener
Sheequarsar White Ale 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
Imperial Red Ale 92.Imperial Red Ale

Guest beers served by BeerFes staffs

(These beers may serve during a limited time. Some beers may sell out early.)

Exhibitor(Brand) Location Beer name Beer style
Sorachi Beer Hokkaido Sorachi Ale 86.American Pale Ale
Hakodate Beer Hokkaido Stout 83.Classic Irish Dry Stout
Iwate Kura Beer Iwate Japanese Herb Ale Sansyo 9.Herb and Spice Beer
Inawashiro Beer Fukushima Golden Angel 39.Vienna Lager
Brown Weizen 53-C.South German Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen
Akagi Sanroku Beer Gunma Maibock-Hell 43-B.German Heller Bock/Maibock
SanktGallen Brewery Kanagawa Shonan Gold (Sweet Orange Ale) 3.Fruit Beer
YOKOHAMA XPA 87.American Strong Pale Ale
Fujizakura Heights Beer Yamanashi Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Rauch 31-C.Bamberg Maerzen Rauchbier
Enrei Bakushu Nagano Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
KINSHACHI BEER Aichi Golden Ale 85.Golden or Blonde Ale
MINOH BEER Osaka Smoke Weizen 31-A.Bamberg Weiss Rauchbier
W-IPA 89.Imperial India Pale Ale
Daisen G Beer Tottori Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen
Pilsner 30-B.Unfiltered German Lager
Matsue Beer HEARN Shimane Enmusbeer Sout 100.Free-Style Dark Ale
Lemon Weizen 4.Fruit Wheat Beer
Craftheart Brewery Hiroshima Berlina Wiss in FUKUYAMA 51-A.Berliner Weisse
Carp RED Yell 82.Irish Red Ale
Kaigunsan no Bakusyu Hiroshima Shimanowa Beer 97.Free-Style Light Lager
Umenishiki Beer Ehime Aromatic Ale 63.Belgian Pale Strong Ale
Miyakojima Micro Brewery Okinawa MIYAKOJIMA DARK BARLEY 104.Free-Style High-Alcohol Dark Ale
Ishigakijima Beer Okinawa Weizen 52.South German Hefeweizen